Why Volunteer with Hospice?

Volunteering with hospice is an immensely rewarding experience for the volunteer and those they serve. Hospice is a form of remedy for a difficult and often depressive time for patients and their families and hospice’s goal of comfort, peace and quality of life is greatly enhanced by its volunteers.

Studies have repeatedly shown that volunteering is linked to greater levels of happiness and well-being. Additionally, caring for others has also been found to lead to happiness and fulfillment. Volunteering with a hospice is an excellent method to accomplish both.

A passion to care for others makes a real and tangible difference in people’s lives. A warm person’s smiling face increases positivity and uplifts a hospice patient and their family. Having someone new to talk with and spend time with can be a tremendous gift and blessing.

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Volunteers can serve in a large variety of roles. No matter your abilities or situation, you can help provide comfort and peace to others in a difficult season. Primarily, volunteers provide companionship by spending time with the patient and simply being there with them. By telling stories, listening to the patient’s stories, reading or even pet and music therapy, volunteers are a ray of light to hospice patients.

In addition to providing company to those in hospice care, volunteers are also needed to help with more practical matters. Bridgeway relies on volunteers to help with office work, fund-raising, community outreach and other operational areas.

Depending on the situation, volunteers sometimes keep vigil with the patient and/or their families during the end. However, volunteers are never asked to do something they don’t feel comfortable doing. Additionally, “In Georgia, volunteers do not participate in any hands-on care such as bathing, feeding or moving the patient,” says Shari Koch one of Bridgeway Hospice’s volunteer coordinators.

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Bridgeway serves all of Metro Atlanta stretching through Northeast Atlanta and into the Athens area. ( BridgewayHospice.org/Locations/ ). As a volunteer you are welcome to volunteer as little or as much as you are available. No long-term commitment is needed to volunteer with Bridgeway Hospice.

Volunteering with Bridgeway Hospice will help you gain great personal satisfaction from knowing that you have made a positive impact in another person’s life. For more information please contact any of our wonderful volunteer coordinators at BridgewayHospice.org/Volunteer/

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