Volunteering at Bridgeway Hospice

You Can Make a Difference

People often struggle with depression as they face a life-limiting illness. While we at BridgeWay Hospice strive to keep our patients comfortable as possible, volunteers can make a world of difference in our patients’ lives. Seeing new faces and cheerful smiles can help individuals feel upbeat and positive, despite their potentially declining health. Whether you have stories to tell, or just wish to listen to our patients tell their stories, you can make a difference in someone’s life.

Volunteers can help with any of the following tasks (and more!):

  • Singing, reading, or talking with patients
  • Keeping vigil with patients during their final days
  • Pet therapy and musical volunteering
  • Helping our office stay up-to-date with paperwork, errands, etc.

Volunteering at our Metro Atlanta/Athens/Northeast Georgia hospice company can be incredibly rewarding and uplifting for not only you, but our patients and their families, as well. Please contact us at 678-583-2269 to learn more about our volunteer opportunities.

Already Volunteered?

For those who have already completed their volunteer work, please click on the respective location below to fill out an online form.

We’ve also created a page that lists each location for your convenience – All 4 Locations

Enhancing Life

Contact us today if you are interested in being a volunteer.

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