How to Get Started Volunteering with Hospice

So, you’ve decided to try volunteering with hospice and you want to know how to get started. If you haven’t yet made this wonderful and life-impacting decision, check out our article on the benefits and rewards of volunteering with hospice.

Bridgeway Hospice is a great hospice to volunteer with and, if you’re in the Atlanta area, we have a location near you. The process is thorough, but you will have someone guiding and assisting you throughout the time you are with us.

Bridgeway serves all of Metro Atlanta stretching through Northeast Atlanta and into the Athens area ( Click here to see a list of our locations ). As a volunteer you are welcome to volunteer as little or as much as you are available. No long-term commitment is needed to volunteer with Bridgeway Hospice.

After initial contact is made through phone or email, a volunteer coordinator will contact you to set up an orientation meeting. This first meeting will mostly be an informative session including a comprehensive training program. Topics range from hospice philosophy and services offered to individual needs and boundaries. This meeting is important to determine how you can best serve the patient through your strengths, skills and talents.

Bridgeway Hospice’s volunteer coordinators try to set honest and real expectations for new volunteers into what can be an impactful and rewarding volunteering endeavor. “I give them the true facts of what this experience could be and what to expect. Volunteers often tell me ‘it was exactly what you said, and I appreciate it,’” says LaShonn Waller, one of Bridgeway Hospice’s volunteer coordinators.

After the first meeting, the local volunteer coordinator will match you with patients based on their proximity to you, and the needs of the patient relative to the volunteer services you can provide.

On the first day of volunteering with a hospice patient, the volunteer coordinator will accompany you on the visit. This initial visit will be rather short and also include caregivers and other staff to determine if it is a good fit for you both. Additionally, the volunteer coordinator may take you to meet other patients in this same manner on the same day to determine which patient will be the best fit for you.

The coordinator will keep you updated and current, especially with regard to the patient. “I have 35 volunteers and I talk to each one of them every week to give them updates and just to see how they are doing,” Waller says.

Volunteering with Bridgeway Hospice will help you gain great personal satisfaction from knowing that you have made a positive impact in another person’s life. For more information please contact any of our wonderful volunteer coordinators at

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